First distillery on the OBX set to make bottles of rum

Thanks goes out to the Outer Banks Voice for all the support and the great article!

“The molasses has been delivered. The tanks and copper pot distiller are in place.

The old hardwood floors have been pulled up and concrete poured to support the new equipment. The wood has been refashioned into a beautiful bar where the product of the still will be sampled.

Other wood originally used used for beams and joists will be re-worked into racks to hold aging barrels.

T-shirts, ball caps, sailing flags and other souvenirs are waiting in the gift shop.

All that remains for Outer Banks Distilling to launch its premier product, Kill Devil Rum, are a few final inspections.

Expectations are that the distiller will be ready to commence production in two to three weeks, and first bottlings of the regular and pecan rums will follow eight weeks later.”

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